21.09.2018 08:21

20% discount on website creation

Until 31.10.2018. we provide web site creation with a discount of 20%. If you need new and modern web sites or web stores this is a great opportunity for you. The discount also applies to all open offers made after 01.01.2018. Tell us with confidence

13.08.2018 12:45

What is HTML?

HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language, which is a presentation language for creating an Internet site. Strictly speaking, HTML is not a programming language, but a simple language for website design. Today, HTML is mostly used to create a "skeleton" of a web page, while web site design is done through CSS. Showing HTML documents allows a web browser. The HTML document consists of tags that define how the web browser will show something. Tags within an HTML document generally open...

02.08.2018 12:34

The process of creating a website

The website / application development process includes several steps. In the process we always want to include the customer in order to get a product that fully meets his expectations. Step One - Defining Parameters The first step is to define web page parameters. This means that it is primarily necessary to define the purpose of the website. It is also necessary to define the rough draft and content of the website, as well as corporate colors. The second step - making the design In this...

02.08.2018 12:33

Who are we?

Invictum is a company located in Požega (Croatia). It was founded in 2013 and since then we have been providing the service of making web pages and various forms of web applications. The founder of the company (Ivan Štimac) is a hugely beloved programmer, mostly web technology. He was also a member of the Secondary Technical School in Požega (2001-2005), attending various county-level competitions in the field of programming. With years of experience in working with many web technologies, ...


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