The website / application development process includes several steps. In the process we always want to include the customer in order to get a product that fully meets his expectations.

Step One – Defining Parameters
The first step is to define web page parameters. This means that it is primarily necessary to define the purpose of the website. It is also necessary to define the rough draft and content of the website, as well as corporate colors.

The second step – making the design
In this step, our designer is working on one or more design proposals. We send the design proposal to the client and adjust it until a satisfactory design is obtained. This is just a graphic preparation for the website. Making a web site is still not working.

Third Step – Programming
When design is defined, a programmer or more (depending on the size and complexity of a project) is moving to creating a website. There are two rough types of programmers, namely Font-End programmers and Back-End developers. Front-end developers make a user interface, meaning everything that a user sees. Back-End developers do “what’s under the hood”. For more complex projects, the Back-End part of the job can take over 95% of the time required to program the entire web site.

Fourth Step – Testing
The testers check that the website / application works in accordance with the specifications. The test design here (whether the page is displayed correctly on different devices and screen sizes), functionality (whether the website works without errors, and whether all functionalities work the way they are defined).

Step Five – Shipment to Buyer
We deliver the product to the customer and we do the training (if necessary and by agreement). Here, the customer first sees the functional website and, if necessary, defines the changes. Delivery of the product can also be performed at stages. This is mostly done in large projects that last for months or years. Every stage here goes through these five steps.

Sixth Step – Maintenance
Following is the maintenance of the website, client-based upgrades, content entry (content entry mostly for the buyer).

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