Invictum is a company located in Požega (Croatia). It was founded in 2013 and since then we have been providing the service of making web pages and various forms of web applications.

The founder of the company (Ivan Štimac) is a hugely beloved programmer, mostly web technology. He was also a member of the Secondary Technical School in Požega (2001-2005), attending various county-level competitions in the field of programming. With years of experience in working with many web technologies, we are confident that we are quality for every challenge. We also have several partner companies we work with in order to always deliver the best product.

We approach the business with responsible but also with a dose of euphoria. There are not the same two projects for us, every job is a new challenge. The main platform for creating a website is WordPress CMS through which we allow customers to enter content on their own new web site. But our specialty is also customized web solutions based on ZendFramewok.

Every job we do is responsible and quality. So if you need a web site, a web store, or any form of web application, please let us know and request a non-binding quote.

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